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Meet Bryan

Bryan P. Björnson has been a home owner in Hopkins for 25 years. He moved to Hopkins from south Minneapolis in 1995.In south Minneapolis he lived in a duplex with his two younger brothers. Bryan had the first floor duplex while his brothers lived upstairs. One of his brothers got married and the newlyweds wanted the downstairs apartment so Bryan moved to Hopkins. One the best things that has ever happened in his life!

Throughout his life Bryan has been employed in a variety jobs. Most of the jobs were as a customer service representative. If a business does not have customers it ceases to exist. Those customer service jobs have ranged from being the person you spoke to when you called a business to being the owner of a business.

Bryan’s last name is actually the anglicized version of his Icelandic family’s name. In Iceland a son’s “last name” is his father’s first name with the word son added to it. In Iceland his “last name” would Björnsson, Björn’s son. His sister’s “last name” would be Björnsdaughter, Björn’s daughter. Her last name wouldn’t change when she got married. Bryan is a “viking.” His grandfather is from Iceland and his mom was a war bride from Sweden. He is an unusual Scandinavian; he has never had a cup of coffee in his life.