The Senator Hatrack Show


Bryan seeks to be your state senator because he grew up in a political family.His family has been active in Minnesota politics for over a century. His grandfather was a state legislator in 1913 and the Chairman of the Minnesota Republican Party.As your state senator Bryan would work to reduce the influence and control over your life that our state, and federal, government has. Here are some the issues Bryan would work on;

  • Accountability. When one party has controlled this district (since 2006), the city of Minneapolis (since 1998), and Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District (since 1962) they are no longer accountable to the people they represent!
  • Bureaucracy. When one party has control it can do whatever it wants to. It can, and will, create bureaucracies, to solve any crisis they believe exists.
  • Taxes. When one party has control it can raise taxes whenever it wants to! Those tax increases are necessary to pay for all the new bureaucracies they have created.